H&M South Africa has partnered with Clothes 2 Good, a social enterprise which recycles pre-loved clothing as a means of creating micro-business opportunities, employment and job readiness/skills training for the vulnerable community sector.

As a leader in sustainable fashion, H&M’s partnership with Clothes 2 Good is a true reflection of their commitment to #sustainablefashion.

Through the Micro-business Programme, H&M South Africa drives meaningful and long-lasting impact across the entire fashion value chain, which in turn also supports Clothes 2 Good in creating sustainable livelihoods for low-income communities, with particular focus on people with disabilities and their families. 

Today, as we’re faced with the enormous socio-economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic, these 108 women stand as successful entrepreneurs in their communities by selling recycled and pre-loved clothes collected in H&M stores. 

You can play your part in supporting the 108 women – 56 of whom are mothers of children with disabilities – who have become successful entrepreneurs through the Clothes to Good Microbusiness Programme by bringing in your pre-loved clothes and textiles to your nearest H&M store. 

After all, Spring is clean up season, and it’s time to time to hit refresh and give your old clothes new lives.

In turn, you’ll be playing your part in #womenempowernment and restoring hope to the women empowered through the Micro-business Programme with Clothes 2 Good.

Pop into your nearest H&M South Africa store to drop off your pre-loved garments. In return, you’ll receive a 15% discount voucher to spend on your next purchase.

Do you have pre-loved clothes/textiles you’d like to recycle?

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