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Once again, the Summer season is creeping up on us. With only one month to go, the chatter around summer bodies is growing louder and wider! We all know the saying which goes “Summer bodies are made in winter,” so I hope you’ve been sowing that seed you wish to reap the rewards for in summer! 
However, I feel as though as society we’re slowly but surely moving away from working out for a certain season and are leaning more toward leading a healthy lifestyle all year round, and I’m pleased with this!

Finding a work out routine which works uniquely for you is the best way to effectively see results, oh and of course help you keep up the consistency! And while others may prefer to go to a gym to work out, others- like myself- prefer work outs in the comfort of their own homes and running on the streets. But… how does this then work out?

I’ve been using the Nike+ Run Club app to basically get an understanding of where I am in terms of my fitness level, as well as track my progress, which helps me determine how far I am from reaching my personal goals. I’m definitely not doing all this just for the fun of it, but tracking helps me stay motivated to do better than my last run. To add a personal touch to your work outs, the app also offers guidance in the form of a personal coach at no added cost. Fancy huh?! Before you start each plan, you go through a series of short questions so as to create a plan best suited for YOU. You can choose a work out plan which will help kick start a routine for you, a plan to get more fit or a plan to get you ready for a race day as I did for the Totalsports Women’s Race. What’s also quite fun about the Nike+ Run Club App is that you can share your progress with your friends which gives one a sense of community. Better yet, for those who have a competitive streak in them, the “Leaderboard” is something you will enjoy. Here you can digitally meet up with your friends to compare, compete and keep each other motivated through the journey. With the app you can also find out about upcoming runs with dates, locations, times and more intricate details of the runs happening in your city. Quite a key feature to make use of if you enjoy running in the company of fellow runners now and again.  

I have also enlisted the help of the Nike+ Training app which also assists me at better structured work outs and helps me keep track of my progress. From Yoga workouts, Athlete workouts to No-Equipment workouts. With over 100 all-new workouts from Nike trainers and athletes, this app has enough of a variety to help you switch up your work outs so you don’t get bored with one routine/plan. Another feature I find an absolute treat from the Nike+ Training app is the “Featured” section. I don’t know about you, but for me insight into the routines of athletes helps me stay motivated, aspire as well as believe in the body goals I’ve set for myself. A particular feature I’ve enjoyed is that of Ronaldo. After all, who doesn’t want to “Train like Ronaldo” 

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