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So I recently had the opportunity of working with head photographer for @72_photography who also has an online magazine called Urban Fashion Lifestyle which he runs with a great team.

UFL is an online magazine which truly reflects South African style. With topics ranging from street style to trending looks, conversations with style experts and coverage at fashion weeks, UFL is definitely making moves in the fashion industry.

I also genuinely enjoy the platform they afford models to share their “come up” stories.

An extension of UFL which is my personal favorite is their YouTube channel. I’ve always connected better to articles with great visuals and personality behind each article, and their YouTube channel offers just that!

They have featured quite a few of my personal favorite SA Stylista’s with an interesting take on fashion and creatively allowing for each Stylista to represent themselves and their personal style in the features.

You can check out my feature on UFL where I chat about myself and my personal style by clicking on the link below, enjoy!

Photographer: Elijah Semosa


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