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South Africa’s biggest tea is looking for #TetleysBIGGESTfan , could it be YOU?

The act of drinking tea is steeped in history and part of the fabric of many societies across the world. It has been said that a cup of tea can make everything better, or at least calm you down and warm you up in the process. Although the ritual of tea drinking doesn’t originate in South Africa, we certainly do love our tea – and we rate in the top 12 countries who drink the most tea to prove it!

When it comes to making tea, there is no one quite as committed as Joekels, the makers of Tetley tea for the South African market. They cram 10% more tea into every tea bag – making Tetley the biggest teabag in South Africa. It’s no surprise then that, when it comes to loving tea, there are no fans quite as committed as Tetley’s. Tea-lovers across the country can’t get enough of the full-bodied, big flavour of Tetley’s Premium Blend tea and as a way to celebrate this overflowing passion for tea, the hunt is now on to find #TetleysBIGGESTfan and give away some fantastic prizes!

Founded in 1837, Tetley is currently the second biggest tea brand in the world, enjoyed in more than 40 countries for its big, full-bodied flavour,” says Tetley’s Marketing Manager, Candice Sessions. “With the biggest tea bag on the market, Tetley Premium Blend is the go-to tea for really committed tea lovers. Tetley always goes the extra mile and this competition is a way to find those ardent tea drinkers who match our dedication to tea!

Show Tetley your love for bigger flavour and bigger value!

Tetley is searching for someone with a big love for Tetley tea…and that could be you! Here are a few subtle hints that you might be #TetleysBIGGESTfan without realising it.

• If your first thought in the morning, and last thought at night is ‘I could do with a cup of Tetley right now’, you might just be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
• If 3 cups of Tetley in one morning are still 3 cups too few, then you might be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
• If the minute you’ve finished a cup of Tetley the kettle is back on again, then you might be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
• If you’re reading this while enjoying a cup of Tetley, then you might just be #TetleysBIGGESTfan.
• If you’ve got all your friends and family hooked on Tetley so you never have to drink another tea at their homes, then there’s a good chance that you’re #TetleysBIGGESTfan.


To prove you’re #TetleysBIGGESTfan, visit the Tetley Facebook or Instagram pages (@TetleyTeaSA) and enter on the competition posts, or post a fun and creative picture that shows your love for Tetley in a big way on your social media pages, with #TetleysBIGGESTfan. Tetley’s BIGGEST fan will be rewarded with a Tetley hamper packed full of goodies – including a Le Creuset teapot, 2 oversized Le Creuset mugs and a selection of Tetley teas and local tea time treats.

Go big and win big with Tetley!


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