The ultimate weapon for on-the-go germ protection is here! OmniProtect is a powerful hand and surface sanitizing spray with 70% acohol. Its aerosol function allows for easy and effective application that limits contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. OmniProtect is currently the only brand on the market that can effectively sanitize softs. OmniProtect contains two vital ingredients: 70% ethanol and 0.3% Chlorhexidine Gluconate. Alcohol kills germs by penetrating the germ cell walls and denaturing (deactivating) the proteins.

OmniProtect to sanitize my trolley before grocery shopping

Where too much alcohol would cause blockages and prevent this process from occuring, 70% alcohol is the perfect concentration to achieve this. Chlorhexidine is a disinfectant and antiseptic used by hospitals during surgery, for skin and for sterilizing surgical instruments.

OmniProtect is scientifically-formulated to provide the consumer with powerfully effective sanitization. The factory in which OmniProtect is being produced is following strict protocol to ensure a germ and hazard free environment. A certificate of analuysis will be provided with each bottle purchased for quality assurance.

OmniProtect to sanitize my shoes after a day out shopping


OmniProtect has partnered with SA celebrities and personalities ( Amanda du-Pont, Siya and Rachel Kolisi, Dr Kanaris, Michelle and Ziggy Ranaka) to donate 4 000 litres of liquid sanitizer to 4 communities in need. The personalities have also take to social media to implement an educational awareness campaign called #SprayItForward

Staying true to the #SprayItForward campaign, OmniProtect is also giving back to communities by rolling out sanitizing stations in major retailers for staff to use, till point cleaning, consumer sampling and customer hygiene usage on entrance.

OmniProtect to Sanitize my cellphone

OmniProtect is available for purchase from Checkers, PicknPay, Dischem, Clicks, Spar and all other major retailers nationwide.


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