I was today years old when I realised that Google Maps is already 15 years old! Pioneered in 2005, Google Maps has continued to grown and develop it’s offering to meet our day-to-day navigation needs as we explore the world. It has mapped out more than 220 countries, while surfacing information for over 200 million places and businesses.

Through Google Maps, the world is literally at our fingertips. I certainly don’t take for granted the convenience of turn-by-turn driving navigation, live traffic alerts, Live View and of course finding local restaurants and businesses with one simple search.

As part of the celebrating the 15 year milestone, Google Maps has revealed the most highly rated venues in Joburg and Cape Town, and I must say, the results weren’t exactly what I expected…

According to Google Maps users, the top rated restaurants in Johannesburg  is Ana-Paula’s Coffee shop, a hidden gem located all the way in Krugersdorp. I know right, just when I had expected that it would be a restaurant in Rosebank or in Sandton.

Ana Paula’s Coffee Shop – Krugersdorp

The Google South Africa team was kind enough to invite me to join in on the 15 year celebrations with Google Maps, and where better to celebrate than at the top rated restaurant in Johannesburg!

Ana Paula’s Coffee Shop – Krugersdorp

Upon arrival, we were given a very warm welcome by Ana Paula herself.  I was very intrigued by just how hands on she is, as well as the fact that she is at the coffee shop each and every day! This is undoubtedly why her business has flourished the way that it has.

Once we were settled in, Mich from Google South Africa handed over a congratulatory certificate to Ana for her great achievement. It was also so beautiful to find out that this year is also the 20th anniversary of Ana Paul’s Coffee Shop. As you can tell, it was one celebration after the other!

Good morning everyone and welcome.

I’m glad you could spend your Google Maps celebration at Ana Paula’s. We are celebrating our 20th birthday this year! My journey started in 2000 with two staff members and five tables. My coffee shop has become what it is today thanks to many factors. Hard work, consistency, innovation and going the extra mile.

Google Maps has really helped new customers see this, thanks to the reviews that customers leave, enabling them to discover new places in the area such as my coffee shop.

I remember in the good old days having to give people directions on an actual map. Sometimes I would even get into my car ( this is true ) and fetch new customers, just to drop them off at my coffee shop. Now, I just drop them a pin!

I’m from an older generation and don’t have the time or  patience for Instagram, Facebook and whatever else. My online presence is mainly Google Maps itself,  where they bridge the technical stuff for me. Google Maps helps myself and customers show off the hard work that we put into the world – directing my old regulars back, and helping new customers discover a small slice of Krugersdorp. I’m glad Google Maps brought you here today, and hope you enjoy a taste of Ana Paula’s.

– Anna Paula

If ever you’re in Johannesburg and want to have a chilled lunch with family and friends, I definitely suggest Ana Paula’s coffee shop!

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