When we speak of wealth, travel is definitely top of mind because as we all know “the world is your oyster”.

With much to discover, experience and marvel at, time is definitely of the essence when it comes to travel. We all underestimate just how much the checking in, flying and all other logistics can take away from our experience. Also, just how frustrating it can become. This is why I believe cruising to the worlds most exquisite destinations in a luxury cruise line offers you a fuller, simpler and quality experience in your travels. 

With my discovery of Cruises International, I’ve come to appreciate their  attention to detail to ensure that your experience is perfectly tailored to meet your travel desires. With a wide range of Cruises to choose from, your consultation at their private concierge lounge will leave you with a crystal clear view of what to expect of your trip on the cruise line of your choice.  From mega ships, intimate yachts and charters, boasting exceptional itineraries, casual contemporary to an ultra- luxurious experience – The choice is yours to make! 

Why book through a travel agent? 

I often come across threads on social media offering tips and tricks around finding the best deals without using a travel agent. Although the price points of doing so may seem attractive, the wealth of information you receive when using an agent are unparalleled. 

The pros of using a reputable registered local travel agent:

  • Consultation to meet your travel needs
  • The offering of after sales support ( ie dealing with damaged luggage, retrieving lost luggage, overcharge of on-board account )
  • Constant communication on requirements and any changes even while you’re on the cruise 
  • You are protected under the South African laws

The downfall of using OTAs ( Online Travel Agent’s ):

  • Hidden Costs
  • The CPA ( Consumer Protection Act ) doesn’t apply to these entities
  • No after sales support

It’s also quite interesting to know that less than 1% of South Africans who travel overseas for leisure have actually boarded cruise, which I believe has a lot to do with the misconceptions around Cruises. In the same breath, Cruises worldwide have had a 50% growth rate with 27 million people cruising last year (2017) alone. This face comes as no surprise to me simply because of the rejuvenation and creativity Cruises now offer, as well as the fantastic price points which make cruising an affordable luxury for people from different walks of life! 

Oceania Cruises

This is one of the luxury cruise lines represented by Cruises International. When it comes to this particular cruise, what comes to mind is elegance and luxury with the perfect blend of comfort and warmth. This ones for all those who love culture, exploring art and learning about the rich history of the wold’s most diverse and exotic destinations.

If you follow me on my social media platforms you will know just how much I enjoy a variety of foods, and trying out what the locals of where ever I may be enjoy most. The port intensive itineraries with many overnight stays allow for you to fully experience the locals culture, as well as shop of course! At the end of the day you’re able to once again hop into your “hotel” with no need to check in and out. Talk about convenience! On days you don’t feel like stepping out or while at sea, you can enjoy a Canyon Ranch spa treatment, lay by the pool or get super entertained by checking out diverse production shows. Staying mentally and physically  fit while on-board is also very possible, with discipline and great facilities at your disposal only you can stop you! Simply head to the sports deck and have yourself a time at golf putting green,  paddle tennis, fitness track and more. 

Aboard Oceania Cruises, five open seating restaurants are at your disposal at which guests get to enjoy complimentary soft drinks and bottled water. On Marina and Riveria you can further enjoy  dining at either of the 2 complimentary dining venues. Contrary to popular belief, there are great deals and unique experiences like no other which one can take advantage of when cruising. Aside from the complimentary restaurants and drinks, free shuttle services from ship to many city centres,  another great example is that when on-board the Marina, Riviera you get to experience Bon Apetite Culinary Center, which is the only cooking school at sea to offer hands-on instructions. There are also boutiques on board featuring a variety of pieces of which you can purchase purchases duty-free! 

A big myth I definitely need to bust is that when you’re at sea you lose connectivity with the rest of the world.  When planning your adventure, there are value packages at your disposal by Oceania Cruises, one being FREE Internet* under the Internet Package selection. The package includes 200 Anytime Minutes, WaveNet Multiple Logins, WaveNet Prime with Streaming and A La Carte. You can further inquire about the various packages during your consultation at Cruises International.

Luxury cruising where comfort is the utmost priority

The Oceania Cruises have varying capacity. When on-board the Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, Sirena the capacity is 684. On-board Marina and Riviera the capacity is 1250.


Your adventure of a lifetime can range from 7 to 180 days.  Some of the travel destinations include Africa, Alaska, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Baltic and Scandinavia, Canada and New England, Caribbean/Panama Canal/Mexico and so many more exciting locations.

I have so much more to share on cruising, but for now why not check out the Cruises International Website on www.cruises.co.za and explore just how wonderful the world of cruising can really be!  #ChooseToCruise #WeAreCruises

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