Hello my beauty and fashion lovers, This week I’m bringing you all things skin and beauty. To kick start the new week, I had the opportunity of joining some of my favorite beauty bloggers at The Venue as Clinique introduced to us the newly lauched Clinique iD. Upon arrival we were handed “My Clinique iD passports”  which were what we needed in our journey to unlocking great skin. With 15 combinations to choose from, the process of skin mapping was the key to fully understanding the ideal hydration for my skin, as well as the treatment which it needed. Customise, don’t compromise. So after the the skin mapping process, the Clinique Clinical Reality tool advised that I have uneven skin tone, and to address this, I should use the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Uneven Skin Tone. It also advised I use the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in order to address…