I’ve always been bold when it comes to introducing moments of my life as princess diaries, so it isn’t a surprise I’d stumble upon a place such as this. I still consider myself a Durbanite and am really enjoying finding new jewels in the city of Johannesburg , one being Katy’s Palace Bar. The power of social media to connect us to people and spaces we relate to is quite appreciated. S/O to Astoldbytiffany.com for putting me on. Check out her  blog post to discover another side to the Kramerville jewel, the beautiful Restuarant and what’s on the menu. From breakfast, sides to wines… there’s something for everyone. Upon entry, I was more than anything impressed by the uniqueness of the venue. You instantly feel captured by another world the moment you set foot into this palace. Palace Bar – Quite the interesting paradox huh? From the art gallery, through…