Hey guys! I got the wonderful opportunity to feature on Icekream mag and share with their readers my 7 day style diary. I’ve attached a link below for your reading pleasure, I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Each of my looks are inspired by each days planned activities over and above how I feel that day, because feelings are temporary and impressions are ever lasting. http://icekream.co.za/2016/11/15/style-diary-thandolwethu-gagasi-fms-fashion-contributor/

We’ve seen a lot of clothing color preference change with each season change. However, it’s the primary colors which have been staples regardless of season. Some of us may have forgotten our primary school teaching of what primary colors are, so let’s refresh. Any of a group of colours from which all other colours can be obtained by mixing. The primary colors are respectively Red, Blue and yellow. All other colors of the rainbow are a combination of these primary colors. Season in, season out, these colors have remained a large part of everyones wardrobe – young and old. Primary colors are chic and fun to play around with whether worn alone as staple as or within a splash of other colors. So go on and have yourself a colorful summer!

This season for me is something really special. I have made the conscious decision of being bold about everything I do, even in my quite moments.   I put together this look not only with BOLD in mind in its physical appearance but how this look made me feel too. I’m so obsessed with these pants I purchased at Topshop more especially because I can dress them up or down. I once wore them with sneakers and a crop top for a sports luxe look and it worked perfectly well! I decided to try styling myself differently this time around and I must say, this look came together even better than I ever could have imagined it would. I also really enjoy the texture of the pieces I am wearing, mesh being my favorite of all time ( closely competing with suede ).   This is definitely a…