PUMA and Nomzamo Mbatha have done it again, dropping the second capsule of the Shandu Collection. An ode to her lineage, her Shandu Clan and to her grandmother. The 14 piece collection is designed around her love for travel, which she now gives us a glimpse of through her new Instagram page @thislittlelife. It’s also designed to facilitate for her moves as an activist and of course the bright and beautiful African summer. In this blog post I’ve decided to do things differently and take you through the PUMA Nomzamo Mbatha Shandu Collection in her own words. You can catch the full conversation between PUMA ambassador and collaborator Nomzamo Mbatha and guest host Anelisa Mangcu on the PUMA Select Stories which I’ve linked HERE. Nomzamo on what inspired the collection: Travel wear is constantly a thing for me. Like, what’s most comfortable and what do I want to look good…