On Friday, 13 April, I had the pleasure of being hosted by the Eucerin team for their media launch and high tea at The Maslow. As I entered the conference venue, I was greeted by branding which clearly communicated “usingaye”, as we would say in Zulu, which was the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range. Although I’ve never had acne, I found it important I share the information I’ve learned. With 13 400 reported internet searches in South Africa on acne per month, it’s evident such a product is needed in the market. The launch kick started with presentations and a scientific talk by Dr M. Reinholz. Dr Reinholz has completed his doctoral thesis in the devision in Clinical Pharmacology and now specializes as a dermatologist, has his own scientific working group and is also a lecturer. Trust me, this was all evident as he delivered an enlightening presentation. The presentation gave a…