https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcnfWQLlNDA&t=451s The MANTSHOxHM collaboration has been of particular interest to me since the very minute it was announced to be in the works. I couldn’t quite place my finger on exactly how the collaboration would translate to global markets, yet still remain true to the core values of the Mantsho brand, African prints and textures. However, Ihat I did know was that Africa was ready! On a fine Wednesday night, I missioned to Victoria Yards, which mind you, I’d never been to before. It seemed like quite a random location for such an occasion.  However, because I know just how well researched and strategic the H&M team is when it comes to creating a full on brand experience,  I knew it would be a night to remember! Once people had settled into the venue and had the opportunity to view the highly aticipated MantshoxHM pieces , we got an electric celebratory…