Nivea Smell The Roses


Waking up to smell the Roses can look & feel like many things. For me, it’s the feeling of a quick out of city escape; that reset. That time out to simply focus on me.  The Nivea Rose Care Range gives me this very feeling, leaving me feeling refreshed, revitalized & confident in my own skin, all through the day… Just like I feel after a day at the spa. What does “smelling the roses” look like to you? My take on this self love thang, you deserve to feel loved up every day! My self-love routine with the NIVEA Rose Care Range helps me do just that. After all, my day doesn’t get started until I FEEL refreshed & confident to get to business!  https://www.instagram.com/p/CUPRM0ZsTUT/?utm_medium=copy_link Routine: Cleanse > Tone > Moisturise 💦 The NIVEA Rose Care Micellar Face wash cleanses thoroughly and purifies my skin, and helps me keep my…