Lip gloss matte kiss Matte lip gloss are still quite a thing. However, it’s always quite a daunting task having to find your favorite shade in a nourishing texture. Just because a gloss/lipstick is matte, it doesn’t mean it had to leave your lips looking and feeling dark too. As part of my collection of matte lipsticks, I have the LCN Lip gloss matte kiss in a dark berry shade. This color basically goes with any look I’m trying to pull off and what’s great about it is that it also nourishes and moisturizers the lips. It also doesn’t stain when you’re sipping on your drink, however don’t apply any extra gloss on top as this messes with the composition of the gloss and it tend to comes off easier when eating or having a drink. Ps: This product is 100% Vegan. Seductive Face and Body Diamonds Powder It’s the…