As promised in my last blog post, I’ve written up on the hand and nail care products I’ve had the pleasure of trying out by LCN. I wasn’t interested in any products which would complicate my life and demand a lot of my time so these products were quite perfect to experiment with. Below I will take you through what I’ve learnt about each product as well as how effective it was for my hand and nail care routine I have established. THE FUTURE OF BEAUTY The LCN line has expanded to include natural nail, hand, foot, make-up, spa, micro blading and eyelash products.  Every LCN beauty product remains the result of careful research, educated industry professionals, and a flawless eye for the future of beauty and fashion.  LCN continues to break new ground in the beauty industry, while still standing the test of time. Limited edition Honeydew Melon 3in1 Express Care. The…