It’s that time of the year once again when we all take a moment to reflect on the sweet treats we indulged in during the Summer . Furthermore , we then try think up ways to burn off a few kilos and get in good shape and health for the year up ahead. Well , here are a few non strenuous and healthy eating tips to consider. Known for her great consumption pattern , supermodel Gisele Bündchen has shared her six clean – eating rules . 1 . A vitamin-packed breakfast 2. Plenty of fruits and vegetables 3. Superfood meals 4. Red meat in moderation 5. Early Dinner 6. A cleanse twice a year For full details on these eating rules by Gisele Bündchen , do check out : http://en.vogue.fr/beauty/nutrition/diaporama/gisele-bndchens-six-key-healthy-living-tips/24708#les-prceptes-healthy-de-gisele-bndchen Photo Cred : © Gisele Bündchen Instagram