Hey ladies – and gents 🙂 So, it’s that time of the year once again where it starts getting a lot warmer, signalling that I can get back to my bikini life. The melanin-rich skin becomes darker; the sea water feels warmer; life gets so much better. I mean, as a young African lady who grew up in various conservative environments, it has taken everything IN me to grow into being fully confident in my flaws (and all). With this in mind, I totally believe that I have reached my personal pinnacle when it comes to being confident in my femininity and the beautiful curvaceousness that it comes with. Firstly, I must acknowledge what a privilege it is to be living in an era that allows for limitless expression, enabled by the generous array of social media platforms. I recently posted one of my unedited takeouts from a photo-shoot where I was wearing swimwear on my Instagram page and had someone have a go at body-shaming me –  apparently having the time of their life…