Google Station


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz4X03GwH8M&t=312s I had an awesome kick start to the new week being hosted by Google South Africa at their Influencer dinner. I always consider it such a privilege to be invited to Google South Africa HQ. It’s always such an exciting and informative session. We get exclusive information on what’s new and what’s still to come in the digital world. In turn, I believe that the responsibility we have as influencers is to relay the information we receive from different brands in a way best understood by each of our unique audiences.   I’d also like to acknowledge just how much care Google South Africa takes at creating a stimulating and exciting environment for us. Each of us feel welcome and at home, safe and in no way feel compelled to be and do anything outside of our own will. I find that the environment Google creates for us is for…