Over the past weekend I was invited to join in on some Sunday vibes with Stella Artois in association with Cafe Tibz. Hosted at the beautiful Epicure restaurant in Sandton, Le Cafe Artois fused the lovely combination of good food, good people and good music via a live band element. The four course dining experience was a unique collaboration between head chef of Epicure, Chef CoCo and Tibz of Cafe Tibz. To get us warmed up for the four course menu, we were served an assortment of canapes. By then, my taste buds were already buzzing and ready to experience the different spices from Africa. The first course was a Deconstructed Seafood Thieboudienne,  offering a play on some Ghanian flavor. The second course was Ethiopian style, berbere – spiced dovo wat chicken stew with injera pancakes. A few weeks ago, my sister and I were hosted by Kitchen Vibes SA…