When it comes to the branding exercise, I think that even the most marginally informed enthusiast would attest to the fact that the house of LVMH is an authority with the right idea on retail lifecycles. So, when I read the above eight words on their website, I was instantly filled with a sense of hope and excitement for retail institutions such as EDGARS – an endearing darling in the South African market. On Tuesday 10th April, Johannesburg’s beauty aficionados headed to Room Five, a venue at the Rivonia Village Centre in Sandton to join team EDGARS Beauty in the celebration of their strategic re-branding launch. MCd by celebrity make-up artist, Gina Myers, the event also included brief but informative speeches by strategist Mike Elliot and Julie Maggs (General Manager: Cosmetics, Jewellery & Watches: Edcon – EDGARS and EDGARS Beauty). With a few stores now closed across the nation, Elliot provided context on the reason…