One things is certain when it comes to this seasons trends, it’s all about monotone or monochromatic color palettes and the fine detailing in pieces. Just so we’re all clear, “a monotone or monochromatic color palette is one that is made up of different tints or shades of a single color.” So in this instance it would be a play on the color purple. Coat dresses are one of the pieces which I  categorize as minimalistic and timeless. They require little outfit co-ordination to “get it right” and still keep you cozy and comfortable all day. One glimpse at this coat dress and you can appreciate the simplicity in the tailoring as well as the carefully crafted detailing of the buttons on the sleeves.  Looking into the framework, you can see how it accentuates the lovely silhouette of the female body, giving off an hourglass shape, while still keeping things somewhat…