#Affiliate Mission BOLD: Invest in YOU. Guys, who doesn’t I love surprises? I sure do! Look at the fabulous one that just arrived on my doorstep! This gorgeous Labello pack includes the whole range so that I’m properly spoilt with variey, as well as the fierce newcomer to the family – Labello Blackberry Shine. This darker shade of fruity has a message:BRING OUT YOUR BOLD. This struck a chord and got me thinking; what is it really to be BOLD? The most famous of all brand call to actions has got to be “Just Do It” – three little words that have gotten into millions of people’s heads and shaped their lives! I won’t focus on the brand, but rather look into the concept – what is it about “just doing it” that makes us feel so empowered, even invincible? I would definitely say that it’s the raw sense…