Hey lovers,

I had the lovely opportunity of being invited to the Haus of Strauss Africa, the pinnacle expression of the Levi’s brand. This is where all the boundary pushing takes place, experimenting and customization of one of one’s. It’s a space you enter by invitation only, open to creatives that are fashion forward, think interestingly and doing interesting things with their work or their communities. A space which exists to create energy within the music, art, and entertainment industries

There are only four Haus of Strauss in the world, with the very first ever being established in Los Angeles about 8 years ago. Haus of Strauss then made its way to London, followed by another in Tokyo in early 2019, and lastly, our very own Haus of Strauss Africa in Johannesburg was opened in October 2019.

Haus of Strauss Africa aims to cater to the entire African continent. However, with the pandemic putting a halt to the many plans which were in place to achieve this, a lot of what Haus of Strauss Africa now does Pan-African wise is digital. Dj Lambo from Nigeria, Sato Soul, Shirazee who is based in America but from Benin are some of the big names that have interacted in the space.

Check out my youtube vlog below for the full House Of Strauss Africa experience to see just how incredible of an offering the space is.

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