Waking up to smell the Roses can look & feel like many things. For me, it’s the feeling of a quick out of city escape; that reset. That time out to simply focus on me. 

The Nivea Rose Care Range gives me this very feeling, leaving me feeling refreshed, revitalized & confident in my own skin, all through the day… Just like I feel after a day at the spa.

What does “smelling the roses” look like to you?

My take on this self love thang, you deserve to feel loved up every day!

My self-love routine with the NIVEA Rose Care Range helps me do just that. After all, my day doesn’t get started until I FEEL refreshed & confident to get to business! 

Routine: Cleanse > Tone > Moisturise  💦

The NIVEA Rose Care Micellar Face wash cleanses thoroughly and purifies my skin, and helps me keep my skin’s moisture balance.

The NIVEA Rose Care Hydrating Sheet Mask, she brings convenience to my life! I use it while working, relaxing on Sundays… I also take her everywhere for long lasting hydration of the skin and to achieve that radiant look wherever I am.

The NIVEA Rose Care Moisture Gel Cream is lightweight and has anti-oxidant benefits of Organic Rose Water and with additional Hyaluronic acid to perfectly hydrate and moisturise my skin. 

And as for that yummy, delicate fragrance of organic rose water – pure bliss.

On days where I’m wearing make up, my NIVEA Rose Water acts as the perfect primer for me. And even when I’m not, it keeps me hydrated without that sticky feeling… oh, and it’s the perfect travel buddy which fits right in my bag for that refreshing spritz during the day 😉 

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