H&M has launched the “Beyond the Rainbow” campaign in support of the LGBTQIA+ community and Pride.

Through this interactive campaign, H&M once again affirms that they stand by the LGBTQIA+ community.

You can check out their newly developed web app ( https://beyondtherainbow.hm.com/ ) where you can access the telling of individual stories from the other side of the rainbow.

Stories of “love and hate, of growing up and coming out, of finding true love wherever and whoever you are and celebrating everyone’s right to be themselves.”

Stories of people from all over the world, of varying ages, gender and sexual orientation have been featured on the interactive platform. You too are invited and encouraged to share your own personal stories and support the core values of diversity, equality and transparency which are the heart of Pride.

In this years Pride campaign, two South Africans have joined in and shared their stories. Siphesihle a.k.a Dollar Debbie who is a Policy Consultant & Social Activist, as well as Lethabo Matseke who is a Store Manager at H&M Bloemfontein.

I hope that this campaign goes beyond conversation and incites real activism. We can all be activists for equality and freedom in our spheres of influence and ensure that the spaces we occupy are safe for all marginalized individuals – Siphesihle

Chella Man – Artist, Author, Director

In connection to the campaign, a donation of 100,000 USD will be made to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign, which champions equal rights and fair treatment of the worldwide LGBTQIA+ community.

It’s not to wave around and show like ‘We’re here’, it’s ‘Look what we fought for’. We’re the ones who created our own liberation. The Pride flag is beautiful, but I’m not sure a lot of people understand how beautiful, I’m not just talking about the colors, it’s what’s beyond them. – MJ Rodriguez

Do treat Pride as a party, but also remember how you got that right to party, because it didn’t come from nowhere – Ashley Wright

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