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It’s a new month and of course new goals have been set in motion! I’ve decided to take a holistic approach to getting back to looking and feeling good, and this time, I won’t be letting my busy schedule get in the way thanks to the easy to make on-the-go FUTURELIFE® BEAUTI FOOD Nutritional shakes and Protein bars.

I’ve decided to take up the FUTURELIFE ®  BEAUTI FOOD 28-Day Challenge – Join me by sharing your journey on Instagram, to stand a chance to win one of five, 3-month BEAUTI FOOD™ regimes including a pampering treat to the value of R4000 each.


Try new FUTURELIFE® BEAUTI FOOD™ for 28 days and .
How to enter:
1. Buy your FUTURELIFE® BEAUTI FOOD™ and post a pic on IG tagging @FuturelifeZA
#FuturelifeBeautiFood as you start your own 28-day challenge. (BEAUTI FOOD™ is available at Dis-
Chem, Clicks, Makro and Takealot.com)
2. Be sure to keep your till slip as proof of entry and make sure you are following the @FuturelifeZA IG
3. Competition closes on 28 September 2020 and 5 winners will be selected at random and contacted



FUTURELIFE® BEAUTI FOOD™ is the perfect on-the-go, meal supplement for breakfast, as snack or to beat the 3pm slump – even as a post dinner treat. With the option of two flavors to choose from, namely French Vanilla and Caramel Latte, the BEAUTI FOOD™ Nutritional Shakes and BEAUTI FOOD™ Protein Bars contain bioactive collagen peptides that have been carefully selected for their unique skin health benefits and are absorbed by the body within 30 minutes of consumption.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a major component of healthy skin, giving it structure, strength, elasticity and hydration. As we age, our collagen production starts to deplete leaving our skin looking less plump, firm and youthful. Supplementing with collagen in a balanced diet may improve the body’s collagen levels, helping the body to regenerate what’s been broken down or lost.

International research shows that the bioactive collagen peptides in BEAUTI FOOD make it possible to increase total body collagen with continuous use and provide the following skin health benefits.


✅ Reduce wrinkles in 28 Days*: Daily oral intake of bioactive collagen peptides significantly reduced eye wrinkle volume after 4 weeks. The effects were more pronounced after 8 weeks of intake with lasting effects after 4 weeks of final intake.

*Research conducted in Germany

✅ Improves skin elasticity and firmness: Measurable effects on skin elasticity could be seen after 4 weeks and 8 weeks of oral bioactive collagen peptide intake. At 4 weeks after the last intake, the positive effects on skin elasticity could still be seen suggesting a long-lasting effect.

✅ Improves skin hydration: Oral intake of hydrolyzed collagen peptides has been clinically linked to improved skin hydration.

BEAUTI FOOD™ is now available – Dis-Chem, Clicks, Makro and Takealot.com

Futurelife BEAUTI FOOD


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