Hey Lovers!

The sweetest surprise just arrived at my doorstep and I couldn’t help but share this moment with you all!

So those who know me well know just how much milk tart is my top favorite sweet treat. So when I heard it was National Milk Tart day you can only imagine how excited your girl was. It’s no doubt that the Milk Tart is a South African ledgend and has been shared with family and friends, during the most beautiful moments. Today, I share this very moment with Bain’s Whiskey.

Bain’s Whiskey Infused Milk Tart

I say this because this Milk Tart which was a specially delivery for me is infused with Bain’s Whiskey. Awarded the title of 2018’s world’s Best Grain Whiskey, it remains as the only whisky in the world made from 100% sun kissed South African grain. Now that’s something worth celebrating! I’ve had my first bite and I must tell you, it tastes amazing. It’s milk – based filling, sweet pastry crust coupled with the vanilla and spice flavours of Bain’s whisky are an unmatched combo!

I’ll indulge on your behalf on this one, but I’m definitely waiting for my sister to share this special #BainsMoments with her.

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