Just last week I had the opportunity to visit the Google South Africa offices. The invite was around The Bachelor SA, M-Net’s newest reality dating series to hit Mzansi shores. For the very first time ever , South Africa now has its very first bachelor Mr Lee Thompson.  The 29 year old former Sharks rugby play, entrepreneur international model from Cape Town gets to date 24 beautiful ladies who each boast a diverse range of admirable qualities.  Now, back to the invite. I definitely expected that we would find out more about The Bachelor SA and  what’s still to come, but little did I know that we would actually have the privilege of meeting The Bachelor, Lee. 

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and had a few seconds to breathe. Look, I definitely needed a moment post the traffic I had experienced. Each of the guests then had a moment to waltz down the red carpet and make that “first impression” , as well as receive a rose, just as we had witnessed on episode one of the show.  

Season one is available for your  viewing pleasure on YouTube, where we get to meet the ever so handsome Bachelor, as well as the lovely ladies who are in search of love! Unfortunately, only episode one is available on YouTube, and the rest we just have to catch on Mnet ch103 every Thursday at 7pm or on DSTV CatchUp. YouTube has however added a lovely extra time for us all to enjoy and see beyond what is televised on our screens. Included under Mnet Youtube Channel is a playlist titled Fallen Roses. Here we get to hear what the ladies who didn’t receive a rose at the end of the show have to say. There are also The Bachelor Diaries where Lee gets to chat to us about how he’s feeling about everything, his dates included. And lastly, we also get a glimpse into what goes on “Behind the Scenes”. If you ask me, these clips are definitely worth the watch if you want to get a well rounded experience of The Bachelor SA. 

Team Lee’s Angels

Data issues? No need to worry! I’m so happy to have learned that YouTube has now enabled the option of downloads which you can then watch at a later stage, even when you don’t have access to data. There is also the option to download at different resolutions so as to maximize and control your data usage. Pretty cool! 

That’s enough from me lovers, go on and let me know what you think of Season 1 of The Bachelor SA. If you haven’t watched just yet, what are you waiting for? We’re already on episode two and anticipating episode three this week – go on and catch up already! On social media check out the #TheBachelorSA and join in on the conversation. The twitter streets are already buzzing and dying for Mbali, who’s your favorite girl in the house? 

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