It’s quite an interesting time in fashion. There’s been quite a fusion of trends, as well as the return of older trends. For the longest time, I wasn’t quite sure about some of the returns… or rather their quality upon return.

About the look: 

For this specific look, I tried to infuse quite a few trends and actually bring them all together in a great light. The statement piece to this outfit is hands down the fitted skirt with a silver ring detail. I’m more of a golden girl, but paired with this layered necklace, the silver effect was absolutely working for me. 

Moving up to the shirt, the bell sleeve gives the look much texture, and so do the pearls sewn on. It’s also not too much as the flare is only on the lower half of the shirt giving everything great balance. You can always switch up the shirt and wear it with white jeans or a dark wash of your choice. You also don’t have to do an over the shoulder, unless you’d like to add some edge and pizaz to the whole look.

Going back down south, I chose to pair the look with a suede pointy heel. What caught my attention about this shoe was the color blocking. Yes, we’re throwing it back to color blocking at this point. I do believe some items do justice to the trend and sometimes it’s too over the top.

You can shop this look at The Fix stores, who will soon be introducing online shopping too! 🙂 

Photography: Simzphoto

Assistant: xandzuno 

Make-Up: Paula Dusheva

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