It’s always great to see the fusion of technology and fashion come together in such an organic way as part of targeting strategies. American Swiss has done something I’ve only seen in full effect and unpacked in a movie I once watched starring Will Smith, titled Focus. For those who haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it. 

So basically ladies, you don’t have to overthink anymore about how you’ll be dropping the hint to your man. American Swiss has got you covered in that department. I mean we all know about shooting your shot, and we live in the days and times where there’s absolutely no shame in doing so. Also, let’s be frank here. Men can be quite clueless at times and a little push in the right direction doesn’t hurt. By doing this, you’ll ensure your man knows exactly what time it is, as well as exactly what ring you’ve been eyeing. 

Diamonds are forever. But you shouldn’t have to wait that long.

It’s quite a simple step by step process that you follow on 

  1. Choose a ring 

Select the ring style that you love best. 


  1. Tell us your names

To personalize the experience type in your name as well as your partners name.

  1. Pick a video 

You then pick a video from a selection of options you’ll be given. Try pick something you know your man will enjoy and relate to. And by him watching the video, all the Internet magic tricks will ensure the HINTS  make their way to your future bae.


  1. You’re almost done 

The final step requires you to copy and paste the link provided to your man. You can send it via iMessage, Whatsapp, email… it’s your choice really. It will simply be a link to the video you chose, and VWALA, hinting season is now in session. 

In case you’re wondering, I’ve definitely dropped the hint. So, let’s see what unfolds. Good luck ladies! 😉

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