A quick glimpse into the world of beauty and my favorite picks from the LCN Spring range “La Belle Vie”, a French interpretation of spring. Although we are currently crossing over from Summer into Autumn in South Africa, the range is still relevant to our climate and our beauty needs.

What I’ve always enjoyed about the LCN Colour Gel is how their high pigment density allows for a very thin application, as well as the durability of the colors. Chunky, bulky nails are a thing of the past and no one should walking around with unnatural looking nails.

LCN Nail Polish – “La Belle Vie” Range

The top three colors that I absolutely believe every lady should have this season are French Mauve, A unicorn in Paris as well as Copper Rose. My nails are currently painted in French Mauve, a soft lilac color, which isn’t necessarily a big jump from the nude tones I unusually go for. A unicorn in Paris is basically a beautiful glitter which is fabulous for a glam look. A beauty hack I’d love to share is the use of “A unicorn in Paris” as a cover up when your schedule is a bit tight and you don’t have time to squeeze in a nail appointment. I was suffering over the Easter Holidays long weekend as my nails started growing out, with no free time to get them sorted, I simply applied the glitter and you couldn’t even tell I was going through the most. Finally, let’s chat about Copped Rose. It’s an absolutely delicious rich color which works brilliantly for that extra hint of black girl magic to your look. Metallic colors are quite a thing this season and going into spring, so you can’t go wrong when adding this color to your collection. When I’m on DIY missions at home, I apply a thin layer of LCN Diamond Base, then the LCN Nail Polish in two thin layers, and lastly I seal it up with LCN Top Coat Flash Dry & Shine. However, you don’t have to depend on the top coat as the LCN Nail Polish has a lovely high gloss finish.

Vanilla sugar lip scrub

When it comes to beauty and taking care of our skin, one aspect we tend to neglect is our lips. Our lips have to withstand changing weather patterns as well as the varying textures of lipsticks and gloss we apply. To maintain soft and smooth lips, I’ve started using the vanilla sugar lip scrub which tastes oh so yummy! You simply apply to the lips and massage it in with circular motion for about a minute them remove the access product with tissue – don’t be tempted to swallow.

Spa Balance Cream

As we step into Autumn/Winter it’s important you’re aware of how dehydrated your skin can get, and as a result you may have to switch up the products you’re using. LCN has two 100% vegan hand creams available for a) Normal to dry skin that needs medium to light care called Pure Divine and b) The Cabana Deluxe which is for very dry and demanding skin that is in need for rich care products.

Pure Divine ( Cream )

  • Absorbs quiche
  • Provides moisture
  • Improves the skin structure and complexion
  • Invigorates body and soul
  • A fresh citrusy scent that smells of guava and limes

Cabana Deluxe ( Cream Butter )

  • Provides intensive moisture
  • For a long lasting smoothness to the skin
  • With a sensually sweet fragrance

You can read up on more LCN products and shop on shop.lcn.co.za

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