I simply could not contain my excitement when I was granted the pleasure of collaborating with my all-time fave, DKNY Be Delicious. More than anything, I could not wait to share my experience of the fragrance as well as converse with other lovers of the fragrance. As previously mentioned, the DKNY Be Delicious scent is refreshing, but it also has an air of bold sophistication. The magic of DKNY Be Delicious is in how it makes me FEEL: in control.
When wearing it, I feel unstoppable and ready to take on the concrete jungle that is Johannesburg as well as explore beyond my current environment and horizons. Just one spritz, and my mood shoots from zero to hero in a matter of seconds – it literally makes me feel delicious! Quite a key element for me is the packaging. The shape is very contemporary, and although round, its  perfectly compact packaging ensuring it fits into even the most restrictive of my sling bags. So, because of this and more it has been my ultimate travel buddy as I explore the city’s hidden jewels.

Here’s a look into my exploration of the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with my favorite partner in travel. All I can say about this hidden gem is (as a counter to the iconic TLC hit), “DO go chasing waterfalls”. The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens had me feeling some type of way, with the beautiful waterfall being my favorite feature. Taking a relaxing stroll around and then finally settling down for a picnic and chats is exactly how I like spending my weekends in this frenetic city. This place now holds a special place in my heart, my new favorite city, Johannesburg.

Explore the link below to discover more about this whimsical fragrance: https://tinyurl.com/yc6jn3kc #AlwaysBeDelicious #Sponsored