It is without a doubt that being a women is super high maintenance. From Monday to Sunday, whether you’re an entrepreneur or working 9-5, it can all get a bit much to handle at times. And when life piles up your work load you definitely need a helping hand to keep you on track.

Over time, I’ve realised that whenever my mind is pre occupied or I’m feeling overwhelmed, I tend to forget the basics. And by the basics I mean simple things like where I’ve left my car keys. Well, I’ve recently discovered a gadget on the net which could come in super handy for those of us who often misplace things around the house.


Contrary to popular belief, gadgets and tech isn’t solely for men to explore. I think of these gadgets as my extra helping hand and an accessory of some sort. Also, don’t get into a panicky – as my mother often does – about being incapable of operating a gadget as there’s always time to learn. Gadgets in this day and age have been created to simplify our lives. And if you give yourself a moment to embrace tech, you’ll reap the reward of a simplified life.

Well, let me get right to it. My internet search led me to the perfect helper in my life called Tile. Tile is basically a tiny Bluetooth tracker which helps you find items you may have misplaced. So from your car keys, cellphone to your wallet. You basically attach the Tile on a maximum of 4 items and you can easily track them off of an app. You can get this app on any of your devices and it clearly shows you the location of your lost goods via a map. Once you are about 30 meters from the location you can press a button which then sounds an alarm for you to your “lost good”. Basically it sounds to me as though this app works like the Find My I-Phone app.                                                                                     

Each pack of 4 is retailing at a price of R1 795 on Geewiz

You can check out more stories on how best you can utilize the Tile app at work or around the house on the Tile website.

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