It’s 1:52 AM and I just can’t seem to get my body to shut down and rest. Oh well, I guess this is all for a reason – I mean, we haven’t had “Tenacious Talks” in a minute.

I think this time is a particularly good time, having just passed Easter, to engage. Also, it’s quite an interesting and trying time in politics in our country. Let me tell you, I’m so exhausted. The energy has been so overwhelming and exhausting! No matter how much we may try to avoid or distance ourselves from the realities of what’s going on in our country, we simply can’t! During one of the most recent strikes in the country while driving myself to Steers for some junk to feel better, a journalist from the Daily News contacted me for my opinion on the military print possibly being ban from being worn by the general public because it’s confusing and you don’t know who’s who… something to that effect. See what I mean? Now they’ve jumbled fashion into this whole mess! There’s simply no escaping.

Anyway, this all has me digging way way deeper. Trying to find my safe net, an escape of some sort from all this chaos.

Ah, who am I kidding? For I know very well where my safe net rests – in my faith. I still say to this day that my biggest and best lesson in this here life has been from my mother, my mother who introduced me to the power of prayer. Now look, prayer for some is strictly a biblical thing and for many others ( myself included ) it’s their daily acts of kindness and generally how they lead their lives each day.

Where am I going with this? Haha, to be quite honest with you I don’t know either. I’m pretty much sharing how much I seek refuge in my sacred space to keep it together.

I hope that you may remain strong through all the trials you’re currently facing in your life. Every moment of your life has prepared you for this very moment, you’re well equipped for the WIN. I hope you too find that space which brings you an unshakeable calm and TRUTH.

Photographer: Jashughatt Pictures

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