It is without a doubt that the South African retail industry is also going through its highs and lows.

With a trend of stores opening and closing down soon after, the question definitely arises as to WHY this is the case.

Stores closing down is due to things such as not doing enough market research or poor supply chain management. On the other hand, we’ve definitely seen some stores flourish and spread right throughout the country.


Amongst these stores is namely Edgars , which has been played it very smartly and houses numerous other brands such as Forever New. The most recent store opening is the Edgar’s Ballito, and that’s what US fashionistas are more concerned about!

The first thing which comes to mind are the opening specials/deals which may be, YES!

I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to shopping at a SALE or store OPENING.

1. Be sure to arrive in store wearing a dress and slip ons, it makes changing that much quicker and less frustrating
2. Take the max amount of clothing allowed into the changing area
3. Don’t waste time taking wrong sizes, be sure ( no time to be in denial of that new weight gain )
4. Go there with a plan, know what your priority items are so you grab those first
5. Last but not least, be there bright and early. You don’t want to find that your size is no more.


Stores are definitely realizing the frenzy store openings come with. Because of  this, stores are catering to the consumers and ensuring a pleasant, value added and memorable shopping experience.

The different activations happening in store from 23-26 March:

– Whiskey tasting
– Juice Bar
– Coffee
– Face Painting
– Champagne
– Sneaker Customizers

Edgars Ballito Junction Store Opening : 23-26 March 2017

Store hours : 9am – 6pm



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