Hey lovelies, I hope you’ve had a great kick start to the year!

Still on style and fashion trends, I’ve decided to share My personal favourite accessories which have closed off the year 2016 and should take 2017 by an even bigger storm.

Some may argue that shoes don’t make the cut to be called accessories and are simply an item of clothing, so each to their own on this one.


I’ve been about this PVC trend for a while now. From umbrellas to rain coats they’ve always captured my eye and I actually ended up a rain jacket ( which I’ve only ever worn once). Just seeing it hanging in my wardrobe game me the greatest joy!

But, right now we’re chatting PVC shoes. This growing trend is quite a tricky one to say the least. It’s NOT for everyone, more especially the boots if you’ve got big calves. Aside from how they appear in such a case, it’s a comfort issue too.

The PVC shoes have been largely introduced via the two strap sandals as well as “see through” boots which are just above the ankle with either a peep toe or full coverage – demanding a really good manicure!


I personally own a pair in black and went for that color because I wasn’t brave enough for any other lighter color schemes. Sunny side Durban and South African weather as a whole always has me breaking out in a random sweat now and then, so imagine the challenge I have with this trend! Nonetheless, they’re still my favs right now.

I usually pair them with a skirt, rolled up mommy jeans or a tight dress which is anywhere above where my booties start. I definitely wouldn’t suggest wearing them with skinny jeans.



Goth and Punk fashionistas have never really let go of this fashion trend, and now, the rest of the world is falling in line.

This sexy garment has been re-introduced in quite the “bad and boujee” way and is now worn in an edgy way. I simply love that both bigger and smaller figures can play around with the different ways of styling fishnet stockings.

My personal favorite way of wearing the fishnet stockings is under ripped jeans, or unripped jeans and have a hint of the stocking showing at the waist, creeping out from under your jeans.

The short fishnet socks are the most simple touch you can add to an #OOTD look. These can be worn with sneakers, slides or even high heels.

Traditionally sported in black, I do however have a feeling that many more fishnet stocking colors are going to be worn to execute different looks and feels.


Who wore it best? My fav has to be @Simplypalesa
Photo Cred : instagram.com/simplypalesa



Chokers have to be thee most popular fashion trend worldwide. What’s even more convenient about them is their versatility and that one can get into full DIY mode with to create the perfect choker for the occasion.

Each person has their own style preference, and with chokers you can play around with the textures ( velvet, heads, leather, lace, metal etc ) and style.

About three years ago, I tweeted a picture of myself wearing a choker and back then it wasn’t such a thing in SA. Basically, that didn’t go down too well. The comments were quite derogatory and I had to put it down because some people simply didn’t get it at the time!


Fast track to 2016/2017…

Anyway, from that I had quite a time reading up on chokers and the history behind each of the materials and classism to them. Chokers aren’t a thing of the now, they have background in Chinese, Native American and Indian cultures to name a few.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the evolution of the above mentioned accessories as well as seeing which new additions will be taking the world by storm this 2017.

Here are a super cute online stores you can shop your chokers from :
http://shopbrettrobson.com/collections/chokers , http://www.zando.co.za/women/accessories/jewellery/necklaces/

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