I had myself an unexpected and much needed chilled weekend of fun with my ladies .
Taking time out of your daily routine and putting aside all stresses it exposes you to is important for your sanity and for perspective.
Entered the new week with a renewed perspective of who and what really matters , who and what should considerably affect my days . Energy is everything , and being so free at giving of your energy is dangerous because by giving , you automatically receive and let in energy from others that may not necessarily be fruitful for the direction you are taking.
Let not the opinions of others shatter you for they don’t know your story , they only see a glimpse and hear gathered assumptions . A bunch of hand shakes , smiles , hugs and kisses may not be as genuine as they seem . The best quote which can translate this is ” Even salt looks like sugar , ” .
Now , back to the positive . Filled with so much energy to conquer . Strapped with love , genuine support , faith , passion and a vision what more is needed ?
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